Just a few things…

So I bought this lovely BN Tulip print from Sewzannes to make myself a maternity shirt. I was going to make the mock double sleeve with LONG sleeves but I cut the sleeves way too wide and looked like I had balloon sleeves, lol. So I cropped and hemmed, but still like it!

This is a basically self drafted top with slightly puffy sleeves and then the mock sleeves.



Here are a few “drafts/muslins” I made out of patterns I hope to use to cut out lots of NB goodies!

NB Footed velour pants, I left out the elastic around the ankles, kinda wish I had done it now, but oh well!

And then a self drafted “sleeping Bag”. Still wondering if the neckhole is small enough to keep little bug from falling down into the bag, kwim?

Made from 200wt fleece and faced with AB fabric.


Enjoy!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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One Response to “Just a few things…”

  1. mom2fur Says:

    Everything is so nice! I like the fabric in your top. And the baby baggie is adorable. I think when the baby has jammies on, that will keep him/her (gotta look over your blog and see if you know which) from sliding! I think that’s a very clever idea and I might just have to ‘steal’ it if I need to make a giftie for a new baby!

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