My Review on The Madison Bag….

While the initial shock of such long instructions, thousands of steps and a million tiny details made this pattern sit in my cabinet for a long time…. I had a local mama that really wanted one of these “funky shaped” purses, so alas, I broke it out.   It is an Amy Butler pattern called “Madison Bag” and I used the “Downtown Purse” portion of the pattern.

I even used Amy Butler fabrics from her Nigella line.  Outside is Forest Water Lotus, Lining is Brown Passion Vine and the pocket lining is Brown Starflower Tiles.  Lovely weight fabric, dream to work with!  

Let me say that while I consider myself an advanced seamstress, I was intimidated and I would and did change a few things as I went.  

Things I changed as I went:

  1. I added a zippered pocket to the lining using THIS great tutorial from Creative Little Daisy, Thanks mama! 
  2. I used magnetic snap closure instead of velcro, dont really dig anything velcro, sorry Amy! 
  3. I used a heavy weight sew in interfacing through out the bag and did NOT make the “false” bottom piece as the bag is so stiff/sturdy without it.

Things I would do differently in retrospect:

  1. I would increase the seam allowance on the lining pieces to avoid the extra fabric in the inside
  2. I would definately find a different way to do the strap so it wasnt so thick to try to sew on.
  3. I would sew on the strap differently.. I ended up using a VERY heavy denim needle and still having to walk it over the end of the straps in 2 separate places just to get it not to jam up and it still wanted to skip stitches over the area where the side seams and strap met.

Total construction time, not counting cutting/prepping pattern was approximate 3.5 hours.  I could probably do it again in about 2 since I am now familiar with the construction though.  It was a very time consuming project, at least for this small attention spanned mama 😉

Well, I think I blabbed/reviewed it enough.. here is the bag I made!! Enjoy!

Inside with Pocket Open & Lining showing

Enough about this bag.. Just a few pictures to show how much the kids really enjoyed their handmade stocking Goodies!!! 😀

Tyce was showing Ezra that their boxers were JUST alike!!  They wore these the 2 days immediately following!!!

Tara showing off her new potholders to use with her Easy Bake Oven!! She made star shaped sugar cookies later that day!!


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