Resolution… more like goal setting!!

I am not much of a “resolution” maker.  More of a goal setter!  I tend to bend the goals as my perspectives and paradigms change.  It is only fitting that I dont feel guilty about losing 10 lbs this year since I am now 6 months pregnant, ya know??

So as I look back at 2007 I accomplished a lot of goals that I had and am realigning some of my priorities!!

Things to do this year:

  • Sew more for my children *including the 0-6 month wardrobe I cut out last night for the new baby girl*
  • Stick to a more strict budget *yes I must include FABRIC in the strictness, lol*
  • Time manage and schedule my days better *overall objective is to not be working/frazzled and up until Midnight/1AM all the time*
  • Give birth *pretty sure this will come to pass in April sometime, hehe
  • Pay off one of my credit cards before the year end *a more strict budget and better time management should make this VERY possible*
  • And be a more patient person *better time management, more sleep, better budgetting should help me be less frazzled and more patient, right?*

That should be enough for one year, right??  And hopefully those things will continue to be a part of my life forever!!!  :heart: :heart:


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One Response to “Resolution… more like goal setting!!”

  1. katiejean Says:

    I love your list! great blog too!!

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