Sleepy Owl Bag, needs a name!

So I have had this idea/design bouncing around forever. And I finally drafted and made this purse. I purchased embroidery/applique today and immediately thought of this fabric/color combo/bag style.

The top band and strap are interfaced with a heavy stabilizer *peltex i believe* and the “bottom” of this bag is soft and “slouchy”.

Sometimes I look at it and LOVE it, other times.. I think “What was I thinking?”

Oh and if anyone has anything better than “Slouchy Bag” for a name, please DO suggest it! LOL

It is being stocked at Retro Femme on Friday!



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One Response to “Sleepy Owl Bag, needs a name!”

  1. janiemag Says:

    I think that this is REALLy cute! 🙂 If all the bags will have owls on them, why not just call it ‘Hoot’? Or if they will have different motifs call it ‘Loot’ only because it reminds me shape-wise of a pirates loot bag. 🙂

    Thanks for the great blog. I have been following, and you are very inspiring. Enough that I even started my own blog this week.

    Good luck with the name search! J

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