Nothing like a cold, rainy day..

to motivate you to bake with the head chef in the house *wink*  Ezra, my youngest at the moment, who is 3.5 decided we needed some cookies in the house.  And who am I, the 27 week pregnant lady of the house, to deny him *and I of course* of some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies!

 Here are some pictures I took at the request of Ezra who said “take pitchers (aka pictures)”

 We have to wash up!! LOL  *you can sneak a peek of the mosaic tile backsplash I did last fall, I am proud, lol*


 And just as a side note, I finally finished these 3 month Yoga Pants for “Baby Girl” today.  They were half finished for 3 days wondering around on my sewing table!


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2 Responses to “Nothing like a cold, rainy day..”

  1. erin s Says:

    hi there stacy, just had to de-lurk (found you through “I have to say”) and tell you what an amazing sewer you are. i can’t get over all the fantastic baby clothes you have been sewing. Even more amazing is the fact that with 3 (and one on the way) kids you find time to sew and bake too?! BTW…love the backsplash :o)

  2. ihavetosayblog Says:

    Your little guy is SO cute! Your could get rich marketing those cookies! 😉

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