Things I have been working on!!

So while some of you might have thought I was just lazying around since I wasnt blogging, I wanted to show some of the work  I have done since this past weekend, lol.


OK, phew.. I wont go into detail about each item but most are my Bottombumpers Cloth Diapers.  The embroidered All In Ones were stocked tonight at Eclectic Earth and are sold out already.  The embroidered handdyed fitteds are a trade for a No Tie Mei Tei carrier from Hibiscus Baby that I cant wait to see in person.  I am sure it will be fabulous as it is custom made with the Dewberry Aviary fabrics I love and her MT’s always looks great in her pictures!!  Oh and the last thing, for those unfamiliar is a “wetbag”. It is lined in waterproof PUL *polyurethane laminated* knit material that is used for diapers.  And is used to put the dirty ones in while out and keep them from wicking moisture out and smelling 😀

I have a large wholesale order I am working on now for my retailers Diaperco and Heiny King so I will be diaper sewing ALOT but hope to sneak in a little baby quilt cutting, dress sewing for a trade with a mama on Sewing Mamas and I have a few more things cut that need to be sewn up for “Baby Girl”



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4 Responses to “Things I have been working on!!”

  1. shannon Says:

    Wow! You have been busy! Do you embroidery the diapers by machine? They all look so cute.

  2. randomrevelations Says:

    Those are so cute and unique! That’s alot of talent!

  3. Stacy T Says:

    Thanks guys!! And yes the embroideries are Machine stitched. I have a Janome 350e, nice machine! 😀

  4. Mickey Salatino Says:

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