More sewn items for trade & baby girl!!

Here are a few of the last things in my pile of “to be sewn for the baby”. They are size 62 (3months) and are for the baby

Here is another Ottobre 4/05 modified playdress for a trade. Size 92. Bound the neckline instead of ribbing this time. Has these neat pleats in the front and back bodice.

Ottobre 1/05 I believe #22, omitted the zipper and opened the neckline so I didnt have to do the zipper Kumquat Helicopters in front, gray Cotton Lycra on back and sleeves.. and blaze orange on the shoulder insets. Also for a trade, size 122cm.

Thanks for looking! 😀


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One Response to “More sewn items for trade & baby girl!!”

  1. Ula Says:

    How exciting that you are finishing up your pile of sewing for your new baby! Won’t be long now.
    Everything looks great! I’m partial to the helicopter shirt, my boys would love that.

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