Challenge Step 1 & a small detour

So today being the first day of February, I had plans to trace, trace and trace the patterns I was going to use to make the kids Spring wardrobes.   I made the list of patterns I wanted to trace last night after going through the Ottobres last night and traced 2 last night..

 SO what happened today??  I had a small detour. OK a big detour!!   I decided the kids toys/room really needed to be reorganized.  So starting at 10:30 this morning I started emptying all the toyboxes, vacuuming, moving furniture, etc…  Moved my youngest into the older kids room, Bagged up 2 bags of toys to throw/giveaway and then painted the nursery room before it filled again with all the babies things and before we shampooed the carpets.. I sat down about 11PM. What a long day!!

I will try to snap some pictures of the new Sage Green nursery when the paint dries!!


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2 Responses to “Challenge Step 1 & a small detour”

  1. Ula Says:

    OMG, you are much more productive than me. I would love to see the pics of the freshly painted nursery. I love sage green!

  2. Darla Says:

    Stacy – where do you get all your energy? I love your blogs and check in here from time to time to see what you are up to. I took your idea and have been organizing my stash via the ruler fold method. Great idea! Oh, and loved the 3D ultrasound pix — cute baby. See ya at the HOP!

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