Challenge Almost done….

So after I last posted, my mother called and volunteered her and my Dad to come Saturday morning and shampoo all our carpets!! I was working on 6 hours of sleep and WORE OUT from all the cleaning/painting/moving but who am I to turn down free help when it is offered. 

 So after that was all finished Saturday morning, I begin to work on a few “draft” pieces for the kids spring/summer wardrobe.  Hate to cut a whole stack of tank tops to find you dont like the pattern. I am glad I did as there were things to change on ALL of them.  Here are the “draft” pictures on the kids.  Just the tops/dress were sewn by me. Sorry for the poor quality picture!  Oh and the other pic is a pair of chocolate brown twill capris that were a draft from a pattern for Tara!


So really I have made FOUR things, but they were drafts and I would love to make at least 4 things for EACH of them!!


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One Response to “Challenge Almost done….”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I like the tanks. I’m inspired. Are these from the Ottobre magazines you previously mentioned? I really like some of the stuff in the Spring 07 issue. I’m thinking I may order it.
    I’ve never really sewn clothing. I don’t think pirate pants for Halloween will count towards a 4 yo wardrobe. =)

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