I just couldnt spend $13….

So after realizing that not only was my old “car seat pad/head support” thingie BLUE, it was also horribly stained.. ICK..

So I looked at Wally World and they are $13!!!! SO I thought, HEY I can make that, lol. So after the revelation, my mind just wouldnt quit until I did it!

Mine turned out a little smaller and I overstuffed, in my opinion, the “pillow” part. And I didnt think until about 1/2 way through that I should have sewed the “pillow” part on the pad and THEN stuffed it!! WOW what a genius idea, lmbo!!!

Old and New:

I will definately be making a few more of these as a spare is always nice and I am not sure this one will work long as it is a tad small.

Oh and if you didnt know already, sewing on bias tape on curves is hair pulling sometimes, lol.  And this makes Item #2 that is usable and needed for new baby girl for the “Sew for your Own” Challenge!!!!!


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8 Responses to “I just couldnt spend $13….”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Looks very nice. I bet it would work great as a spare for a swing or bouncy too. And, maybe since it’s a tad small, for those baby toy’s like strollers, etc…
    thanks for sharing

  2. wondermommy Says:

    Really great idea. Those would make perfect shower gifts.

  3. Ula Says:

    That looks great! You may already know this, but just in case you don’t… steam helps a lot with getting bias tape to go around curves. 🙂

  4. Ula Says:

    Um… I do think you did a great job, by the way, just thought I’d try and save you some hair-pulling next time. 🙂

  5. Stacy T Says:

    No worries Ula 😉

    I will have to try that although I dont know how well that will work because I dont have an exact idea of when I will be turning the corner so I can presteam.. Thinking I would have to stop steam then sew, then stop/steam/sew, no?

  6. Ula Says:

    Oh yes, that’s true, but when I do bibs, I actually steam the binding strip all the way around the bib first, and then I carefully pick up the whole business and slide it over to the sewing machine to sew it down. I’m not sure how well that would work on a larger piece like that headrest, though. You’d probably need to grow an extra hand or something!

  7. SewDelish Says:

    I love the headrest. Very handy and pretty fabric too!

  8. MelissaB Says:

    Everything is absolutely adorable!!!

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