Thanks to everyone…. *My “sew for your own” challenge update*

Hey everyone!!  I have loved the comments and browsing the blogs linked in my “i know you are reading” post!!


 Lisa at the Domestic Diva:  I love browsing your blog as well!!  Remaining Wordless today I see, but promise you will be back tomorrow, k? LOL

Ula at the Cherub’s Closet:  My best present this Christmas *besides the blessings, family, etc* was definately a MP3 player and speaker docking station, fills the silence of the TV being off!! 😀  Love that Ooga Booga outfit you posted, btw!!! So cute!  Kicking myself for not buying a WHOLE BOLT of that knit when I had the chance!!

Rebecka at Blueflower Treasures: Love the new tutorial you posted!! 😀 

JeDeeLenae at Mommy Grows:  Congrats on the pregnancy and yay for cloth diapering!!  I cant wait to CD a nb again either!!!

Wondermommy: Are you telling me there are people that actually WANT to do their housework, time or no time? LOL…   Someone sprinkle a little housework love on me please!!!

Alisa:  Swaddle socks are like a sock that the whole body of a newborn goes into.  Meant to fit snuggly around their body to keep them “swaddled”    And yes I sewed  underwear, weird I know, lol.

Hotsalad:  Ack deleted the link to your blog!!!  ACK!!!   So glad to hear that the swaddle socks were loved/used… I have never tried them personally but CANT WAIT!

The Tiny Bean:  Thanks for stopping by and love the Christmas stockings!

Dee at Tifiblogs:  Thanks for stopping by as well.   I just read the part of your blog about “skinny jeans” and I have to totally agree. lol  Nice to meet ya 😉

Diannaleigh at Bishopfamily:  Really enjoyed reading your blog as well….  I have been mulling over homeschooling… and it is so great to find all different perspectives. 

Kristin at  See Mommy Sew: Thanks for posting as well. I really enjoyed your blog, cute squirrel flannel *I missed out on it* *wave*

Phew, hopefully in my quest to personally greet you all I didnt forget anyone!! 

So onto my “Sew for your Own” challenge update!I made all the kids some PJ pants!! I believe I made all 4 things I had intended for E, and I have 1 more to do for each of the older ones. Here are a few random pics of the past few days sewing!  Flannel PJ pants mostly and Receiving blankets for baby girl.. I will add the rest of the photos of the stuff I sewed for the kids to the FLICKR group 😀


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3 Responses to “Thanks to everyone…. *My “sew for your own” challenge update*”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Hi Stacy. I didn’t answer your “I know you’re reading” post, but I do enjoy your blog. GL with your baby. And even though you posted your secrets for getting all this stuff done, I’m still impressed. I could never finish that much when pg, I was always too tired.

  2. diannaleigh Says:

    🙂 We love hsing. Hopefully this week I can do a day of our school as a photo essay…. LOL Though the shape the house/classroom is in will put me to shame!

  3. JeDeeLenae Says:

    Thank you. 🙂

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