Any Quilters/Seamstresses willing to help me create a meaningful quilt…

Anyone willing to help me create a meaningful quilt…

for my daughter.. I have been thinking about this for a while and would love to get some help from my dear Sewing Mamas and blog readers.

I would love to find enough mamas willing to donate a total of 11-12 x 12 inch quilt squares…. *you can donate 1 or 4 or however many you want, lol*
*You can piece them however you want, just so they are finished 12 x 12 inches in size…
*I would love to have them all shades of pink/brown to help them coordinate together…
*if you have a business i would love for you to sew your tag onto the corner of the squares so I have them or if you hand embroider, to stitch your name, but that isnt necessary!

I plan to put them 3 squares across by 4 squares down to make a quilt for her and I will make the 12th square needed.  If I get more I will just make an even bigger quilt!! 😀

I can provide money to ship the squares to me if you need it. The only thing is I have 7 weeks left and would love to have it quilted and together by the time she arrives so I would probably need the squares in 3 weeks or so, so I have time to piece/quilt/etc…..

Anyone ?


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5 Responses to “Any Quilters/Seamstresses willing to help me create a meaningful quilt…”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I would be glad to do that. I can send one on Monday. (I need to wash and dry the fabric)

  2. Just Pure Lovely Says:

    I love that your little one has a Southern accent. 🙂

    Thanks for the nudge on the cloth napkins. I’ve been thinking about how wasteful it is to use paper towels/napkins, but wasn’t sure of what to do instead. Great idea you had!

  3. Cheri Says:

    OOooooooo I *loathe* quilting, but I would *LOVE* to do this for you Stacy! It would be so wonderful to be a part of your little one’s life. I will work on it this weekend, and ship on Monday!

  4. Ula Says:

    Hey Stacy, I’ll send you a couple squares! I’ve got some cute wovens in the pink/brown family. I guess you e-mail me your addy or something?

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