How I do the lap shoulder on a Baby Gown :D

Here is a not so short visual picture tutorial of how I do the necklines mainly for the lap over the shoulder Baby gowns.  This is a modified Kwik Sew 3090 pattern.  This particular one is the X-small/Newborn size and I left off the hand covers and I used ribbing for the neckline which I will show you.

First cut your pieces out.   Here are mine all prepped for sewing. LABEL either (or both) the front/back pieces so you dont have to keep looking at the length to be reminded which is which.

Sew/Serge on the Ribbing to each neckline and sleeve.. stretch the RIBBING only and not the shirt with it.  And stretch only slightly.  I use one 17″ piece for ONE neckline and then one SLEEVE cuff.

IF you have any questions, feel free to post. 😀


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17 Responses to “How I do the lap shoulder on a Baby Gown :D”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Good job mama! That is a very good tutorial.

  2. Megan Says:

    Good tutorial. I may have to try a lap tee now! 🙂

  3. Krista Says:

    I have come to dislike binding, so I will definitely have to try your “ribbing” version. Great tute, thanks for sharing it Stacy!

  4. Steffi Says:

    Good tutorial. Very good work!

  5. Nobia Says:

    Great tutorial!!!

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  7. Shantel Jones Says:

    Did you do the same thing with the sleeve cuffs? It is so cute I am making one for my soon to be baby! Also I don’t quite get what you basted, what pieces I mean, I’m a fairly new sewer maybe that’s why.

  8. Shantel Jones Says:

    One more thing where did you get the sleeve you use? I like your version better but don’t know where you got it. Thanks!

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    […] your head around it it’s pretty simple. The ONLY place I managed to find a little tutorial is HERE at Patchy Apple, if you’re interested. Now I just want to make mooooooore! My stash is a […]

  11. Jodie R. Says:

    Fantabulous! I was going to make my son some lap tees the other day, but I chickened out and just made regular tees and matching shorts (from some reconned adult tees). Now I think I will have to go ahead and try some. Thanks for the tute!

  12. Joy Lucio Says:

    How much elastic did you put in the bottom of the gown?

  13. Stacy T Says:

    Joy~ I believe it is approximately 15″ 🙂 Stacy

  14. Joy Lucio Says:

    Thank you! I found my pattern and it all worked out. The newborn size was about 17″ in the pattern I had but I appreciate your prompt answer.

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  16. Mindy Wagner Huffman Says:

    I just bought this pattern and was looking to do ribbing. And found your post. =O)) Do you TRIM the neckline back a little from the pattern because you’re doing ribbing instead of just turning under and hemming? Thanks!!

  17. Tons of Tutes- For Baby & Mama | My great WordPress blog Says:

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