Just some things…

Wow things sure are busy around here…  I am sewing.sewing.sewing.  Mostly diapers these days for all the wholesale orders, but sometimes i get to fit in something a little extra. Helps curb the boredom.

This is the Run Mama Run pattern from Ditty Pops. I used all Amy Butler Nigella fabrics.. Drafted my own inside pocket *I like my pockets to be slightly more integrated*. Great pattern really easy. I used fusible fleece and I topstitched the exterior by the side/bottom panels. I love the size of this purse.. just perfect!!   It is listed for sale at Retro Femme!

Also these selfdrafted Eye/Sun Glass Cases I finished for Retro Femme:

And these are muscle tanks from Ottobre and NCBE short sets for the baby swap!

And what has been keeping me REALLY busy for a few weeks.  A custom Bottombumpers order for a customer!!

25 PLAIN Solid All-in-Ones:


25 Embroidered All-in-Ones:

All together!!!


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4 Responses to “Just some things…”

  1. BlueflowerTreasures Says:

    WOW! That’s an amazing stack of dipes! Your machine must be smokin’, lol! The bag and baby swap stuff look great, too, but I’m really impressed by those dipes!

  2. Kellie Says:

    I love that bag! The fabric is gorgeous!

    And look at all those diapers. *drool*

  3. Ula Says:

    Oh Stacy, I bow to your productivity! I love, love, love those embroidered AIOs!

  4. oohWEE Says:

    WOW those diapers are amazing, i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like that! and to get sooooo many done! you must be very proud. and your boys sets are amazingly cute!! sure glad i discovered your blog!!

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