Switch it UP Bag

This is the pattern I have been working on and hoping to turn into a PDF.

It has so many functions that I didnt know what to name it or how to describe it. lol

It is completely reversible, straps are adjustable, optional pocket/divider can be switched from inside to out and from one side to the other. You could tie it on a stroller, belt loop, etc. You could tie the knot right at the top to make sure to container your goodies.

There will be 4 pocket/divider options. A tall pocket/divider, shorter full width pocket, circle pocket, and a smaller rectangular pocket for cell phone/keys. Technically there are 4 sides so you COULD do all 4 of these, lol… but I have done one of each type on the below 2 bags, so just 2 per bag, lol.

You can make the outer all one print or make both sides different. You can make it where from the side view of the handles they match or dont match, etc.. OK sorry enough blah blah.. lol.

Here are the ones I made for Retro Femme tonight:

Dewberry Bag:
Small. Rectangular Pocket

Closeup of the ties/knot

Short Divided pocket

Solid switched to the outside with the above pockets inside

Bohemian print:
Tall Divider/Pocket on the outside tied shorter on the shoulder

Solid other side to the above side

Reversed showing the circle pocket, tied longer

Other side to the circle pocket side, solid

Pic of the Tall divider/pocket on the inside


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2 Responses to “Switch it UP Bag”

  1. oohWEE Says:

    Very Cute, functional bag!!

  2. The Switch It Up Bag is Released! « Patchyapple Says:

    […] If you have followed my blog you will remember that I was working on a bag pattern, blogged here and here!  I finally got it all worked out and professionally drafted and the instructions done!! […]

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