So I am constant volunteer. A blessing and a curse I suppose.  But I repeatedly daily find myself overstretch.  Feeling as though I have too many “irons in the fire”, not enough hours in my days and “a Jack of all trades but a master of none”. 

The Switch it UP bag is finally in the testing stage.  The PDF has been sent and the testers are working *some already done* on sewing this up and providing some feedback on everything.  Had some great suggestions along the way, including making it bigger *or offering it in 2 sizes in one pattern*, having different choices for the handle ends such as pointed, squared, etc., including instructions on how to make the handles longer so you can sling the bag easier, etc. etc.

Hopefully I will be read to sell the pattern in my Apple Tree Store and Patchy Apple Etsy shop soon.  Beginning of August is my goal!

So what else is occupying my time you ask? My Bottombumpers website is being redesigned and I have a million about 6 pages to write/create to go into the new design.  The designer is waiting on ME to finish them.   I am working on drafting a womens hipster undies pattern for sale.   Sewing more diapers, as always, for wholesale orders..  and much more!

Some other random pictures!  Sorry for the long absence! 😀


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