Funky Pop Garden Purse

This was supposed to be a secret purse swap. But beings it has a few things I am not happy about I am debating whether to send. I hate sending stuff out that isnt “the best I can do” and since this was a first draft of this pattern I made up, I find several things I could do better.

It is Heather Bailey  Pop Garden Brown Sway outer with Zag stripes for bottom/side panel and pockets inside. Dots inside are a Michael Miller aqua dot that happened to match perfectly. And the bias tape is also MM. Wood handles are from the purse hardware coop I did. Purse measures 14″ across approx and 7″ tall *not counting the handles*. And it is 2″ *wide*?

Lined in Peltex so it stands on it own and holds its shape. Divided pockets on each side. One side has 2 larger pockets the other side 3 smaller.

There is some excess lining that is what bothers me most and the bias tape isnt on perfect on the curves. That was hard.


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2 Responses to “Funky Pop Garden Purse”

  1. sillydreamer Says:

    Very, very cute!

  2. sarahau Says:

    Wow, I love it! Looks fantastic!

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