Giveaway TIME!!! *great girls stocking stuffer, for FREE* WINNER IS: Paig #7

Winner is Paige #7  Please email me at sthomp at with your mailing address and I will get them out to you!!  Thank you everyone that participated!

I feel like paying it forward today!!  I have some cloth doll diapers here that are doing me no good still in the package and NEW!   I made them for a show last year and these just never sold.    There are 3 TOTAL.  They are snapping and are better for older girls, ages 4+ at least as the snaps can be hard to undo! 😀

Cloth Doll Diapers-3 pack

Picture is just to show you what the look like and how they fit a “Build-A-Bear”

Just comment about how cool I am and it is yours!! hehe!  Ok you dont have to tell me how cool I am, just tell me what you fill your kids stockings with!! 😀

Please check back here on THursday Morning to see who the winner is!  Winner will be generator by a Random # Generator and the comment # is your # 😀  Must comment by 12:00am Thursday, October 30th CST!


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25 Responses to “Giveaway TIME!!! *great girls stocking stuffer, for FREE* WINNER IS: Paig #7”

  1. bigablog Says:

    You, Stacy, are COOL!
    – Claire

  2. Monica Reese Says:

    You are SOOOO cool! Really, you are! My little niece would love those diapers so much. She lovexs playing mommy. Thanks, Monica

  3. Lynds Says:

    Very sweet!

    As for stocking stuffers, I usually get some smaller toys – polly pockets – little transformers, some craft – clay, or play doh.

  4. Linda Says:

    These are so cool! I might have to try my hand at making some if I don’t win these!

  5. Alexis Says:

    Cute diapers…and you are SO cool!

  6. Michelle Says:

    You are the BOMB, Stacy! We fill the kids stockings with toothbrushes, socks, underwear, CDs, headphones, deodorant…..little stuff that is handy! 🙂

  7. Paige Says:

    I’ll be putting a mini broom, some play-doh, and homemade “baby legs” in one stocking, and homemade “baby legs” in the other (that child will only be about a month old…I just didn’t want to feel like a neglectful mama!)

    My daughter is getting a baby doll with cradle and she and the doll are getting matching nightgowns and slippers…the diapers would be AWESOME!

  8. Jenifer Says:

    Stacy, you are the coolest ever. The kids get toothbrushes and candy. Which, after typing it, seems kind of ironic.

  9. alexis Says:

    You are pretty cool 😉 My kids’ stockings are small things, and only a few things. One year it was pencils, erasers, markers, etc.

  10. Becky P Says:

    I have 2 girls one 16 and one 5 so I have a great varity of items that I have to buy.

  11. Kathleen Says:

    very sweet stacy. as for things: crayons (ours are always breaking), sugar free gum, stretchy frogs from walmart (88 cents i think–we hide them in the sand and dig them out), bubbles, socks, an ornament (i get one for them every year that is special–my mom did this and i have all 37 she has ever given me).

  12. spete02 Says:

    WAY COOL – these are awesome. I fill my DD’s stocking with numerous items (dvd, toy, crayons, hair clips, etc) but I individually wrap them all…..she has a blast opening everything up.

    Thanks for the great giveaway
    spete02 (at) aol (dot) com


  13. lacy Says:

    Yeah, your pretty cool to be able to make these adorable little diapers! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. Aileen Says:

    I don’t do cloth diapers, but a good friend of mine does and I’m *sure* her daughter would love to put one of those on her babies and bears! And yes, you are awesome, indeed!

  15. Brooke Says:

    I have boys but my friend has a daughter that would love these!

  16. Julie Says:

    These are absolutely adorable!!! My daughter would love them! Since she got a brother she is all about baby care. 🙂

  17. Danz Says:

    You know we love everything you make, but Aubs totally needs some more dolly dipes for her Christmas stocking!

  18. rachel crisman Says:

    You are so cool that you make me drool! haha!! This will be babies first Christmas but Santa will put a stocking up,I am sure.

  19. Kim Says:

    I like to include practical things like a toothbrush, hair bands, pencils, new crayons, etc. I also like to include some fun little crafts and trinkets. We just had a new little one and I haven’t gotten around to making diapers for my daughter’s dolls. She would love the diapers, especially since we cloth diaper the baby and she likes to copy the things I do. Thanks for including me.

  20. Serena Says:

    Stocking stuffers are my favorite! My mom always did the best stockings! For my daughter, I do art supplies (namely, washable crayons and watercolors), tangerines, some candy, anything else small that I see and strikes my fancy, and, this year, doll clothes (since I’m going to make her a doll).

  21. celeste Says:

    my girls love to dress up anything and they would love these-how creative and fun.

  22. Kristin Says:

    Those are too cute! I have four daughters and a son with 9 Cabbage Patch Dolls between them. They have a lot of clothing and accessories, but nothing as cool as these!

    I haven’t even begun to think of what to put in their Christmas stockings this year! I have asked what they would like for Christmas, but only received a small list. Our oldest daughter would like a horse calendar ($1) and a hula hoop ($2-3?). Our next youngest would like a lady bug calendar ($1?). That’s all anyone has asked for!

  23. Rita Says:

    This is a different sort of giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to get something different for my doll baby loving daughter.

  24. angel Says:

    too cute! we dont do stockings, but i’d love a diaper for my girly’s dollie that is just like the kind she wears!

  25. Swacyaddina Says:

    Nice website=D hope to definitely visit again:)

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