Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

We usually make iced cookie cutter sugar cookies for the holidays.. but we made them for so many years and the time consuming rolling, flouring and re rolling, flour clean up, etc… was just not appealing this year.

So we opted to make these for the cookie exchange we do with the women in our church:


We added 2t. veg oil and 1 t. vanilla Then we made HALF of them and then put a large T. scoop of peanut butter in the mix and made the other half with P.B.

YUM!! Very good and easy. 1 cake mix made about 34-36 cookies. We also patted the tops down and shaped them into circles before baking


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One Response to “Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies”

  1. Tricia Says:

    this is in the betty crocker cookie cook book too. We’ve edited it so much over the years. If you use apple sauce use at least a half a cup and 2 large eggs, apple sauce is so much better with fruit cookies. White chocolate chips and dried fruit makes them really good. Any cake mix and bag of chips/nuts will work too. Some of my favorites are:
    devils food with andies mint chips
    white cake with trader joes fruit and nut mix, with white and dark chocolate chips.
    spiced cake mix cookies with carrot shreds and raisins, with cream cheese icing..
    you can also do this with a brownie mix and roll them into balls and cover them with powdered sugar before cooking and they make a marble effect.. so much fun.. love these!

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