Think there would be interest in??

Hey everyone!

I have been considering this for a while and would love some feedback.  I have a few sewing patterns already out there on the market.  But I had thought about making an Ebook or series of sewing patterns that TEACH you how to sew really basic items.  Iwould say they would be especially for KIDS, but newbies to the sewing world with no in real life help could use them too!   

I have taught sewing lessons to girls before and wondered if there would be interest online you think??  I hate to go to all the trouble of writing it all,putting it all together, etc. just to have NO one interested, lol.

Also I have had several requests for a pattern for my Doodle Cases.  There are no pattern pieces required, just measurements.  SO the pattern would just be instructions… would anyone buy just the measurements, instructions, etc..???    Here is a pic of a doodle case just for reference:



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7 Responses to “Think there would be interest in??”

  1. Debi G Says:

    I think that would be great! As a beginner sewer myself, I am always looking online for tutorials and such (which is how I came across this site). But maybe put out a sample Ebook first and see what the response is before putting out an larger one.

  2. Tricia Says:

    I think so, I would watch them and they would be a huge help to me trying to teach my neighbors 7 year old to sew… and my now 8 month old eventually!
    the doodle cases are really cute too. I prefer to buy patterns and make things myself

  3. Lynds Says:

    Great idea, I seek all over the net for sewing tutorials and don’t mind ones with just how to and make your own measurements ether.

  4. Nani Says:

    I’m all by my lonesome…learning from books, blogs & TiVo! I think a basic book is great!!! I tend to get more from those with LOTS of pics & good detail pics too, since I am a visual learner. How much would you charge?

  5. cassie hood Says:

    I think that is a great idea. I’m a newy, trying to teach a couple of my girls and others to sew, so this would be great. Great blog by the way.

  6. Barb Says:

    Actually ~ would love the pattern RIGHT NOW!!! These are adorable and I’d like to make a few for Christmas.

  7. Heather Morado Says:

    i know this is old.. but i was just reading threw old stuff..

    i think it would be a good idea..

    im new at sewing and my grandma tried just to tell me how and it dint work to well i learn better by seeing even if it is just pics.. 🙂

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