My 2nd (much better) Peanut Pocket Pal doll.

Well I revised this little baby and made her up again last night. She is for my daughter, Kayci, for Christmas.

I need to just make one more pattern adjustment and she will be done I think!   I hope you like her!  I machine stitched her facial features…  I will probably handstitch/embroider them next time.


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5 Responses to “My 2nd (much better) Peanut Pocket Pal doll.”

  1. Casey Says:

    I like it! do you mind if I steal the idea for my girls? although I don’t think mine will turn out nearly as nice as yours

  2. Stacy Gibbs Says:

    Awe! It is so sweet! I love it! I would love one for my little girl eventually…So cute!

  3. Nani Says:

    Yes, I think you did a great job and much improved! I attempted some embroidery with some felt ornaments and have a lot of improving to do! I can’t wait to see the next version!

  4. Tricia Says:

    I think her face looks fine.. and how big are they? big enough for babies or just older girls?

  5. Stacy T Says:

    The big peanut is 9.5″ long approximately and the baby is about 4.5.

    I made them for my 8.5 month old, so I think they are appropriate for babies, 😀

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