Last of the Christmas sewing is done!

So these are the last of the Christmas gifts I managed this year.

A fleece ski mask hoodie for my Dad. My kids tried it on for me and all requested their own saying “This is the warmest thing ever” LOL The hole is elastic and on an adult goes right around the eyes but can pull down under your chin if wanted.

Just a boring cell case with no belt as requested by my Mom!!

Last but not least… the personalized tree skirt for my Parents. My Mom has no tree skirt and looked and looked and couldnt find one she liked or they were really expensive *WOW $40 for a tree skirt that gets covered, lol*.

So the kids traced their hands, I cut them out, traced them onto fleece, cut them out, spray adhered them to the fleece and then stitched them down. Then added their names, year and serged the edges. Then added snaps to the back so it would stay together once on! I cant wait to give this to her.. and hope we can add to it every year!

And not pictured are the potholders I made my Mom that are filled with Cinnamon!!


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6 Responses to “Last of the Christmas sewing is done!”

  1. Leah Says:

    I love that tree skirt! Its wonderful!!!! I might “borrow” your idea…. Great work

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hi-I love the fleece ski mask hoodie and would love to make one for my husband. Can I ask-did you follow a specific pattern? Thanks!

  3. Tricia Says:

    so cute, and such a great idea!!

  4. *~Michelle~* Says:

    I love that fleece hoodie thing…… me with the price. My kids are die hards in the snow, so it would be perfect for them!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fleece Ski Snow Mask Tutorial « Patchyapple Says:

    […] Ski Snow Mask Tutorial By Stacy T I showed this mask that I made my Dad for Christmas and was asked by several to put together a tutorial!!  Ask and you […]

  6. MarkSteve Says:

    Ok is it me or are these things getting more and more popular? Not that its a hoodie but look at the dang Snuggy, I would have never guessed that those would become a hot item.

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