My personal “Sewing Challenge”

I am one of those “easier the better” and “the less pieces to trace/cut the better” seamstresses.

So I wanted to challenge myself in my “time off” from diaper sewing to do something more complicated, with more then 2 pattern pieces, and something I wouldnt skimp on the details.

This is the Ottobre 3/04 #11 “Jacket” *wow what a simple name for this project, lol*

Made with Pink Fleece and trimmed with tiny pink/green floral knit. Buttoned up with cute white flower buttons! This pattern even has a COLLAR, POCKETS and BINDING which I DID!!!! WOW I have impressed myself, lol.

Collar detail!

Pocket Detail:

Thanks for looking!

And a tiny “NO TV update” We made it through the day with out one beg for the TV.  Today we:

  • Played Candyland TWICE! *we have owned the game for 5 plus years, played it maybe once*
  •  Taught the kids how to play RUMMY! *to be continued tomorrow night as we ran out of time to reach 500 points before bed time*
  • Started Homeschooling back up and this took every bit of our morning.
  • The kids put away their own clothes, emptied and loaded the dishwasher
  • And they each received approx 30 minutes of Computer time. 
  • The rest of the time they played Legos, dug in the sandbox *for a short 15 minutes as it was COLD today*, setup a farm in the living room with the new grain bins/building/tractor set.  And several other things!

We had a blast today!


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4 Responses to “My personal “Sewing Challenge””

  1. seemommysew Says:

    That turned out so adorable! Great job facing your sewing fears. 😉

  2. Kathya Says:

    i love the jacket!!!!
    wonderful choice of fabric and trim.
    Good job.!!! you are definitely braver than i am. 🙂

  3. Michele Blue Says:

    very impressive! i love the color, the fabric and the trim… it all came together very beautifully :o)

  4. Ula Says:

    That jacket is seriously beautiful.

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