Crazy Quilting Paper Pieced Scrap Coasters Tutorial

I have found a great use for some scraps of fusible fleece, fleece and wovens!!   SO gather some scraps and lets get started!

Finished Crazy Quilting Coasters by you.

First print these templates if you choose to use mine.  Or make a 4″ square and make a pattern on it!!!  Also, I will try to explain a very basic and brief way to paper piece. If I am confusing you I suggest viewing this free tutorial on paper piecing. Although we arent using PAPER, we are using fusible fleece, the method is pretty much the same concept!

Take your fusible Fleece with the fusible side to the paper (down), trace the square and lines with a marking pen.  Then gather some scraps!


Take your first scrap piece place Right side down and place the fusible fleece template on it.  Make sure it will cover the full area you are wanting it too.  Note that the templates have numbers in the areas, that is the order I recommend you sew/fill the sections.  In this case this print is the print I will be using for the middle section. 

Now find the piece you want to cover section #2, Lay it with the Right sides together with print #1.  Lay it slightly over the line you will be sewing, so that when it is sewn and flipped right side up, it will cover section #2.  Being careful not to shift the pieces, flip over and sew the line!

  Sewing the line. by you.

Fold the piece back and trim the excess to about 1/4″ from the seam as shown below.  Repeat the above for section #3 (and #4 if applicable)


Iron Pieces out.  This should now fuse your fleece to your fabric!  Then Trim the excess around the square off. 


Now topstitch if desired.  Sometimes I stitch on both sides of the seams.  But you can stitch in the seams, just on one side, stipple quilt it, quilt lines the opposite direction of the seams, or not even topstitich it at all!


Place your square right sides together with your fleece scrap and trim around.  Then sew, using a 1/8″ seam allowance, around starting 1″ from a corner all the way around and 1″ into the same side you started, leaving an 1.5″ opening or so.  Trim the corners.


Now turn your coaster.  Then fold in the opening raw edges.  Start on that side and topstitch 1/8″ from the edge all the way around. 


Then upload the photo to the Patchy Apple Tutorial FLickr Pool and Enjoy!  😀


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9 Responses to “Crazy Quilting Paper Pieced Scrap Coasters Tutorial”

  1. klarobinson215 Says:

    These are so cute! I will have to give them a try! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Debi G Says:

    these are such a great idea. i am always in need of more coasters for some reason.

  3. Lynds Says:

    Those are wicked awesome!!!

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