Just a cute baby with a side of headband ;)

This is my “Baby Girl” that I sewed so much for last year at this time.   All the clothing I made her ahead of time is not outgrown and the only thing that remains is her nursery.   I sewed this headband for her the other day and took a picture and thought WOW, how did she get so big already??!?!  She turned 10 months on Monday! Crazy!!!

10 months ago:


Knit Bow Headband by you.

She currenty has Bronchiolitis.  Poor baby keeps hacking up a lung and blowing snot out her nose!  Ick… 

I am still really busy sewing diapers, but just wanted to show one very small accomplishment since I last posted!  Here are my new diaper labels though!! Arent they fabulous?!?! 

Our New Bottombumpers Label! by you.

Ok off for now.. Gotta get to bed!


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6 Responses to “Just a cute baby with a side of headband ;)”

  1. Tricia Says:

    our girls are about 2 weeks apart and we have the RSV too.. it’s going around, Breathing treatments at our house are making tv a must (yuck) for the 10 days of meds…
    poor lil cutie…

  2. Leslie Says:

    Oh my goodness, she’s so precious! I hope she gets better quickly. It’s hard to have our babies sick because there’s not a whole lot we can do to make them feel better.

  3. Lynds Says:

    She is darling! Poor punkin being sick, that’s never fun. 😦 The headband is darling.

  4. Michelle Says:

    THAT is one cute binky face!!!

  5. Jenny Says:

    Ah. Such a cute baby. I like your new labels. I can’t wait to use all mine up to get some cute ones like yours. 🙂

  6. Quita Says:

    Just curious where you got your labels made? I have looked into a few places for my sewing creations, and would love to check our your retailer. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know that would be fantastic! Thanks a ton! They are super cute!!

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