Off Topic.. on my soapbox: Parental Rights!

Hey everyone. This issue is at our front door and I think we all need to be more informed and aware of what is happening here.

The UNCRC (United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child) sounds like a great thing. But what it is essentially doing is taking away our Parental Rights and letting the gov’t step in and say what is best for our children. While this law will ban spanking (corporal punishment) immediately and some of you support this view, it will also allow the Govt to choose your childs schooling, vaccinations, recreational activities, NAME!, and in some cases has allowed children to be taken away because parents wouldnt allow their daughter to date a certain boy or because the boy didnt want to go to church. I highly believe this will make vaccinations a law, no more homebirthing, etc. and if you dont comply they will have the right to take away your child.

The reality is pretty scary stuff to me. 

If you agree we should fight this UNCRC you can sign a petition!!
You can also forward this information on to all parents that want to keep their rights of their children.

Parental is trying to make an amendment to the Constitution  that confirms our rights as parents, confirms the Govts right to intervene if there is abuse or neglect, and says that we will not abide by the International laws (UNCRC).

If we dont start a web of concerned parents to start fighting this, our voice will go unheard, the UNCRC will be passed and we will have to start walking on EGGSHELLS when it comes to raising our children for fear the Govt will intervene.

This UNCRC will affect parents of all religions, beliefs, etc.  Dont let the Government pass a law that basically says they need to watch over your children because you are not suited to do so yourself!!


4 Responses to “Off Topic.. on my soapbox: Parental Rights!”

  1. Shan Says:

    Thanks for the warning! I am ALL for parental rights!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I know this is several months old, but I found your blog while searching for sewing sites. “Soapbox” in a title always catches my eye so I read. Then I went to the website and signed the petition. I do not have kids, but I have neices and nephews and, aside from that, I firmly believe the government needs to remember that this is a country of THE PEOPLE, for THE PEOPLE and by THE PEOPLE. How dare they try and tell people how to raise their children. Thank you for making us aware of this issue. Happy blogging!

  3. Fiona Says:

    Just to reassure you the UNCRC places importance on the family, see articles 5, 7, and 18. The UK already has it in place and I have not heard of any cases where parents have been prosecuted under the UNCRC. Please take the time to read the summary on this website:

    I enjoy reading blogs especially on sewing which is how I came across your one.
    Best wishes

  4. irene Says:

    Sorry but i agree with what the uncrc is doing. Parents can hurt their children very much just by imposing values their children do not feel the same way about.

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