Get cashback on your regular Online Purchases

So last post I told you about Swagbucks, which is a search engine that gives you bucks for some searches and then allows you to purchase items with your bucks!!!

This post I thought I would let you in on another small secret to saving money.  While it isnt much, I have received over $30 this year by shopping at home.    The service is called Shop at Home.   You must login, then search the store you are wanting to purchase from *or a store that carries something you want to purchase*.  Then click through the link and make your regular purchase.  You will receive whatever % Shop at Home is offering at the moment on that purchase!! 

So for example I received the following Cash back on purchases I would have made anyway:

  • $2.02 from *bought recycled ink cartridges*
  • $1.37 from
  • $1.78 from Highlights Magazine *renewed subscription online*
  • $.84 from Snapfish
  • $2.99 from Checks in the Mail *purchased new checks*
  • $1 from Ebay several times for purchases made

Those are only the most recent.   You also get a $5 registration bonus when you sign up and $5 for every friend that signs up and makes a qualifying cashback purchase!    You dont get a check in the  mail until your cashback has reached $20, but it rolls over month to month.  So there isnt any rush.  Just buy what you would always buy!!   I received my first check in February, so it is a real deal!!!

Sometimes when I do is search for what I need.  This is what I did on the ink cartidges.  I searched for Ink, then sorted the searches and found the one offering the best few % of cashback, compared the prices and shopped at the best deal.   Also some stores offer coupons AND the Cashback, so you might also find a free shipping or 10% off you order coupon on the Shop at Home site when you search!

If you make lots of online purchase, I hope you register and save some money!  Dont forget when purchasing online to make sure you login to Shop at Home and go through the link to the store so your cashback is logged!!! 

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One Response to “Get cashback on your regular Online Purchases”

  1. rachellejchristensen Says:

    Great idea as I’m shopping more at home these days. I wanted to tell you that I’m hosting an incredible giveaway for a $195 EZ View Desktop on my blog. Come on over and enter!

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