Craft Show season is around the corner!!!

Hey all!!  Hope you have enjoyed your summer so far.  Leaves are already falling here because of the heat I imagine, lol.

With Craft Show season around the corner for me, I will be gearing up to start making loads of loads of things to sell! I only have 2 shows this year, but they are both very big shows and they are ONE week apart.  So I will be sewing like mad since I could possibly sell almost EVERYTHING the very First weekend and be out of luck the second, hehe!!!

Love to see some of your craft show vendors booths, items, websites, etc.  I always find it inspiring to see them all!!   Here is my setup from one of the very small local shows I did last year:


It really was a sad display of what I had at the large shows, lol.  Hope you will join me in sharing your items!


2 Responses to “Craft Show season is around the corner!!!”

  1. katie Says:

    i had my first craft show last year… total bomb 🙂 this year will hopefully go MUCH better
    here is a pic of my table last year

  2. Sandy Says:

    Don’t have any pictures, but wanted to wish you good luck!

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