Yes, I also Crochet

I really do have a crafting disease.  I have done just about all kinds of crafts.  Jumped on board full force then quit several crafts that just didnt suite my personality/time/household/etc.

Crocheting was different for me.  Something Iwas taught on a small scale when I was 8 years old from my “Kinda Grandma” (lived with my Gpa for many many years).   I taught myself in early adulthood how to read patterns and do more with crocheting and since have picked it up consistently over the last 10-15 years.  But as a “paying craft” it isnt fast and most people wont pay the money a crocheted item is worth once you add in your time.

But I just couldnt resist picking up the hooks when I saw some cute beanies of a friend purchased the other day.   So viola,  isnt this just the cutest little beanie for a newborn??   The flower is tied on and comes off!! 

   Crocheted Beanie

Crocheted Beanie Hat


Anyhow… there are many many more beanie hats I have made but I need to get a few modeling shots.. these just dont do them justice.   In my “spare” time though I am working on Doodle Bags and Cases for the show, Woohoo!!!


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4 Responses to “Yes, I also Crochet”

  1. Kim Says:

    Cute beanie! I know what you mean about trying every craft! I finally have stopped spending too much money – I mean I bought a $50.00 fringer for quilling a couple years ago that I’ve NEVER used! sheesh. I haven’t crocheted in years – might have to give that a go again!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Is it just me or does your Apple Tree Boutique website not work? I really need some wooden rings to make those teethers!!!

    • Stacy T Says:

      I only have 5 instock right now. and my site is not working.

      Working on the site today, will get back to you 😀 Stacy

      • Rachel Says:

        Thanks! Could you tell me how much they cost and how much the postage is? When will you be getting more in? You can email me the info if you like.

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