Handmade Holidays, Craft shows and Things for kids…

Hey All!  Things have been crazy around here!  I wont go into the details as I know I would just BORE you to tears 😉  I finally got around to finishing Doodle bags and Cases for my upcoming shows that have been cut for WEEKS!!  Here are some pics!



A few things missing but most of it is there so far!  I ran out of legal pads for cases, DOH!

Also, I am making a list of things to start on for the kids for Christmas!  Hoping I can make this list, check it twice and have plenty of goodies under the tree for the kids that I didnt have to buy!! Woohoo!!

Start of the list:

  • New snow/ski masks for all!
  • Boys love their boxers I made them last year in their stockings, so definately a few of those for each!
  • Few pairs of Flannel PJ pants, last years are getting short
  • Custom DS holder for each of the boys
  • Custom Sketch/Artist Case for my dear daughter

OK I am sure I will add things to the list later as I think of more 😉

And for my next challenge and solicitation of ideas, I want the kids to be able to handmake gifts this year as well.  I am searching for things they can do that will be special but USABLE!  I know I love handmade picture, but it soon gets put away or wrinkled, lost, forgotten in a chest, etc… so Please share some ideas of things could make this year for family!  They are 5, 9, and 10. 😀

Peace and cant wait to hear from you all!



2 Responses to “Handmade Holidays, Craft shows and Things for kids…”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I love the little bags in the 2nd picture. Do you sell them or would you sell the pattern?

  2. Stacy T Says:

    Hey Tracy, I do sell them.. I only have a few listed on Esty right now as the ones in the pic are for a craft show coming up in a few weeks. If you are wanting to purchase some though, I can arrange a custom for you. 😀 Stacy

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