Crafters Swap follow up!!

Hey all!   If you are planning to send items in for the “Crafters Swap” below is the list i posted of what people are making and wanting!

Requested to receive *if you can make these items, they are WANTED*

  • hair clips/bows
  • Felt food (wool food)
  • Fun bath soaps/melts for kids
  • jewelry *silver, beaded, etc*
  • Wood Toys
  • Stationary
  • Knit Items *boys-4 months/2 years, NOT scarves*
  • chalk mats
  • Pet Items
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Flannel PJ pants *2T, 5T girly and 5T boyish have been requested*
  • Crocheted/Knitted hats for 9 month, 2year, 5 year girls*
  • Purse/Diaper Bag

Items that others have said they could send in so far:

  • Doodle bags/cases and crayon rolls
  • Womens D-Ring Belts
  • Drooler Bibs/Burp cloths
  • Find it (I spy) Bags
  • Child aprons
  • Denim overall Tutus
  • Minky Blankets/Loveys
  • GIrls and Adult PUrses, coin purses
  • Sewn Baskets
  • Stationary holders
  • Lace Christmas Ornaments
  • Soaps
  • Earrings
  • Kitchen Hanging Towels
  • Therapy Bags *hot/cold flax filled, etc*
  • Cloth Napkins/Placemats
  • Boxer Briefs for kids?
  • Tote/Library Bags
  • Hair Clips/Bows
  • Flannel Blankets
  • Coffee Cozies

If you didnt officially post and “sign up” feel free to do so now! It isnt too late as long as you can still get your items & return shipping deposit paid by the deadline.  Here are the details and guidelines again:

Here is how it would work:

  1. Read the guidelines below to see if you qualify
  2. Reply to this blog post with what you can send/make *links are VERY helpful* and what you would love to receive *just to give others ideas of demand, etc.*
  3. Email me at sthomp {at}  so you will receive updates, lists of what is being made, what has been requested, etc. in about a week!  Put SUBJECT: Crafters SWAP
  4. Start working on items you see requested that you can make and start making your list of what you see linked that you would like to have
  5. Send your items to me with THIS FORM and $10 for your return shipping package.  I will refund any extra shipping to you. (You can send cash at your own risk, Money orders or send Paypal to stacy {at} with your full name/crafters swap deposit in the subject by 11-25.)
  6. YOUR ITEMS MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THEN NOVEMBER 25th, 2009.  If they are not RECEIVED by DECEMBER 1st, 2009, the sorting will start without you and if it is all sorted, your items may be returned to you.  SO THE EARLIER YOU CAN MAIL THE BETTER!!!!
  7. You will receive items you requested at a value equal to what you sent in.  So if you only send $20 value of items in, you will only receive $20 value back!!!!  Then just Stalk your mail man for your return package full of items. 

Here is a form to send IN YOUR PACKAGE again just in case you missed the link above:


  • Must be in the US to participate, sorry mamas packaging /shipping delays/etc outside of US is just too much for me to handle at this time
  • Must be an experienced crafter at what you are sending in.  Please dont decide you will make your first ever SEWN item ever and participate in this swap.  Sorry to the newbies
  • Please be respectful of those allergic to pets/smoke by making sure your items are free of hairs, smells, etc.  Send your items very clean and packaged neatly please.
  • Please send items that you would be happy to receive. 
  • If your item was made with a particular participants request in mind, please make sure to note that somehow. 
  • If you item is a SIZED item, please bag/tie it and attach a description with the size so I will know what size it is.
  • We will do our best to sort out and send you only items you really really wanted, but just by filling in extra items you help us sort things to people that can use them.  So if you have a few babies being born next year in your family, you could always add that you could use newborn items for showers or something.   Please be detailed in your requests and list MANY of them.  We might email you to try to fulfill some value if we have questions and want your approval.

Feel free to invite your friends!


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