Little Baby Preparing…

So, I have come to realize that while having a surprise baby is exciting it is also a tad harder to feel prepared for.   Most neutral stuff really lends more towards BOY and will work great for BOYS.   The browns, grays, yellows, greens are all more boyish.   So I am preparing the best I can.  I crocheted this blanket to match the room/decor, in brown, mossy green and cream.   Then I though well if it is a girl and she has to wear all those Neutral clothes, then the least I could do is crochet a few girly hats to put on her, right? LOL

I also started a blanket that was girly so I would have it as well.  Ran out of yarn awhile ago and not going to the store until Friday.   Must find something to keep my fingers busy while I rest on the couch with the heating pad every now and then!!


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One Response to “Little Baby Preparing…”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    God Bless you! The Sweetest Surprise! Neutral is tough; I like your crochet, here! The baby won’t complain.

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