Our surprise has arrived -finally the birth story

I was never an eloquent writer in school.   I am blunt and tactless sometimes and just forget to portray details in my posts. While some enjoy this it does take away sometimes from those posts that need the detail for you to feel the heart.   So here is my try at writing a birth story for our little surprise.

With my due date (2/12/2010) 3 weeks away, I felt pretty confident in allowing my Midwife to “stretch” me out a little at my 37 weeks appt on Friday 1/22/10.  I was a good 2.5cm and 70% effaced.  But this was nothing new for me.  I dilate and thin early and just stick there for a few weeks until my Midwife “stretches” me out good and strips my membranes.   This stripping usually throws me into labor but never had we tried it this early with any of my others. So when she asked my permission, I kindly replied why not, with full intentions on returning the next week even more pregnant. 

So my Friday afternoon was spent updating the future grandparents and best friends on my status and then waiting for my hubby to get home.  About 4pm I noticed I was contracting on a regular basis.  Every 8-10 minutes at this point but I drank my water and kept on my with my business.  When hubby arrived home at 5:30, I was telling him about my day and had to stop a few times as the contractions would just take my breath away.  They werent awfully hard just my belly tightened so much I had to stop and breath for a second and then return to my story.

We left as planned at 6:15pm to go to our churchs homeschool meeting.  Packed up all the kids, except the oldest who was staying at a friends house, and went about our evening.   With contractions that were now 6-7 minutes apart but still like Braxton Hicks just tightening and takin my breath away. We ate at the meeting and finally sat down for the meeting to begin and the contractions were getting stronger.  I started timing them again around 7pm and they were 4-5 minutes apart now.  While I am one that doesnt want to be wrong and show up at the hospital with baby #5 in false labor and look like a fool,  I sat there talking myself out of thinking this was the real thing.  All the while, hubby (the nervous, better safe then sorry kinda guy) kept asking..is this it?… do we need to leave?..  are they getting stronger?   I held him off for awhile and then around 7:40pm decided that with 3 kids to pack and load up, my parents to call *who were out of town on a “date night”*, and bags to still pack, we better go ahead and start the phone calls.

So my best friend Ashley was at the meeting, I asked her to keep the kids there and take them to her house until my parents got back in town to get them. CHECK  Called my Mom, who was just sure for the first few minutes we talked that I was playing a joke on her, and let her know she needed to get the kids at Ashleys. CHECK.  Tried to sneak out of the meeting without a lot of fanfare, but that didnt happen, lol.   Pastor prayed for a safe delivery and healthy baby, etc. etc. And we left.  CHECK  Got home packed my bag, baby’s bag, hubby packed his bag. CHECK  Pulled all the sleeping bags down, got the kids pillows, unloaded the car seats for my Mom, threw some clothes in bags for the kids.  CHECK  Called the midwife and headed to the hospital.  CHECK

We arrive to the hospital and I was 3cm and got hooked up to the monitor for awhile and then we unhooked and we walked.  We walked… and we walked.. and walked. Got checked again around 10pm and was 4-5cm and contractions were picking up.  Midwife said, looks like you are staying.  And my heart started beating faster.  It was real.  We were really going to have a baby. WOW!     I call my Mom to tell her we are staying and baby is coming.  She is equally surprised and so very excited. 

The night went on with more walking and sitting on a birthing ball.  Around midnight, I couldnt walk anymore.  I knew we were getting close.  Since I have no epidural or pain meds, I like to hear it from my midwife that birth is around the corner so I know it is almost over as the pain intensifies.   Indeed I was an 8 and things were starting to pick up.

Still in shock that we were about to meet this baby that we had dreamed of, I prepared myself for the surprise to be revealed.   Before I knew it I was pushing and the baby was here.  I look at my hubby and say “WHAT IS IT?” .  He said I cant see… midwife holds the baby up and I see— BOY!!  It is hard to describe what that moment felt like as I met that baby that I felt inside. It was 1:18am

There are no words for:  the moment you see the baby in the flesh for the first time, the moment they weigh that baby, you bathe that baby, you change that babys’ diaper, and breastfeed that baby for the first time.   tears streaming.. heart’s aflutter… I am blessed.

Henry James:


6 Responses to “Our surprise has arrived -finally the birth story”

  1. Claire Says:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful!!!!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Awww — congratulations on your precious son. Your birth story was beautifully written Love his name.

  3. Leslie Says:

    What a beautiful story! Congratulations on his safe and healthy arrival.

  4. Jodz Says:

    Congrats on your new addition to your family.

  5. seemommysew Says:


  6. American Quilter's Society Says:

    Such an amazing story, the best things are often the most unexpected.! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. Check out the American Quilter’s Society blog at: http://www.aqsquiltnews.blogspot.com/

    Sending blessings to you and your gorgeous family; keep up the beautiful quilting!

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