Giveaway #4- Circle Zipper Case- CLOSED

So this was another one of my brilliant late night brainstorms, lol.   It is super cute just not something I need or will use!  Just a clarification- this is about the size of a small plate 😉  It would be great for carrying cosmetics, brushes, etc on a trip or something 😀

Will draw a winner for this one in the morning!!!!   Just post a comment to enter!


39 Responses to “Giveaway #4- Circle Zipper Case- CLOSED”

  1. Leslie Says:

    I love the fabric!

  2. stephanie g Says:

    love the fabric!

  3. Sandy Says:

    How cute …. wish I had brainstorms in the night.

  4. laura Says:

    cute! i would totally put this on my key chain 🙂

  5. Amy Says:

    That is incredibly cute! I love the fabric, shape, and…everything else!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Jen Says:

    I love it!

  7. Whitney Says:

    So cute!!

  8. Selina Francis Says:

    Very Cute

  9. Jessie Says:

    So my style!

  10. Heather Morado Says:

    very very cute

    why cant i have ideas like you..

  11. Susan Says:

    Too cute!!

  12. kim Says:

    very cute fabric

  13. Kristie McNealy Says:

    How pretty! I’d love this 🙂

  14. haley Says:

    so stinkin cute! love it!

  15. Kristi Larson Says:

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  16. Michelle Says:

    VERY CUTE! Love it would love to have one of these or maybe two or Need one for every outfit!

  17. Nicole Says:

    it is like a cute little hat box! love it!

  18. Allison Farrens Says:

    I love that fabric, and your design for the bag!

  19. Stacy K Says:

    Adorable! I love little bags!

  20. ayesha m Says:

    I would love to win it. super cute

  21. Deidre Says:

    This is SO cute! I’m sure I could find a handy use for it! 🙂

  22. Amy Kling Says:

    Love it Stac!

  23. Karen Says:


  24. Lisa Crews Says:

    How cool! Love the retro feel!

  25. Blanche Wymore Says:

    Why are you giving so many cute things away!? I love it!

  26. Sandy C. Says:

    How adorable!

  27. Brian Says:

    My wife would love this…and our anniversary is around the corner I may have to get her a few 😉

  28. Laura K. Cowan Says:

    Ooh, that’s cute! I would love to have it.

  29. Audrey Murray Says:

    I love this!!!

  30. tiffany Says:

    Love the colors!

  31. derrick Says:

    Very nice!

  32. trinlayk Says:

    am I too late? wow it’s cute. perfect to carry my tiny mascots in!

  33. Stephanie Says:

    love the case.. i could really use a makeup travel case

  34. Tamara Sz Says:

    This is so cute!

  35. Kathleen Says:

    Love the Amy Butler fabric. And love the cute size of the bag.

  36. Patricia Says:

    Totally dig this — if I don’t win it, can you share the instructions for this late night delight?

  37. Libby H Says:

    too cute! thanks for the chance!

  38. Lynds Says:

    Super cute!!

  39. Anna Says:

    Super Cute!

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