Wetbags can be cute!!

Some of you will know exactly what a wetbag is. For those that dont, a wetbag is a bag used to hold wet things inside and seal close to contain the wetness, odors, etc.

I use them for my cloth diapers while I am out and about.  The inside is lined in a waterproof material, outer is a cute woven and the top zips closed! I make them so the waterproof material doesnt get sewn to the outer so they cant leak/wick out moisture and odors as easily.    Had a local cloth diapering mama ask me to make her one and while I was at it I made us a few new ones!!

Exciting I know!! 🙂


10 Responses to “Wetbags can be cute!!”

  1. Jodz Says:

    I like your way of thinking. Much better than those disposable plastic nappy bags.

  2. Nicole Says:

    the flowers with red inside is super sharp! love them!

  3. Heather Morado Says:

    the ones with the whales on it are so very cute.. your very good at making things.. maybe you should teach people.. heck i would pay you to teach me LOL 🙂

    ..and wetbags are such a great idea.. ive just been using a plastic baggie when i go out.. i know its not very Eco friendly but at least im cloth diapering

  4. jenn thurston Says:

    Practical AND cute!

  5. trinlayk Says:

    OMG! the blue flowers…

  6. stephanie g Says:

    they look great! I need to get some new wetbags!!

  7. Heather Morado Says:

    know your busy and im sorry to bother you but maybe i missed it.. how much do you sale your pretty wet bags for??

  8. Stacy T Says:

    Heather~ Wetbags arent something I normally make. However I sell the size pictured for $12.95 usually 😀 I could make you one if you want 😉

  9. Heather Morado Says:

    well let me know when you have time :):)

    what payment do you accept ?? i have a green dot credit card is why im asking

  10. Stephanie Says:

    Great idea! I passed this to the new mom’s that I know.

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