Fabric Lovers will understand…..

Only Fabric lovers could understand how I can describe the opening of a large box of fabric filled with bolts can be AMAZINGLY delicious!!  Its like  a painter opening a new box of paints, a jewelry maker getting a fresh shipment of beads, or a knitter/crocheter buying new bags full of yarn.   Yummmmmmy!!  Yummmmmy!!  Yummmmmy!! 

Just wanted to share my high with all you fabric enthusiasts!!  Now to open, prewash and start using them all!!  LOVE LOVE


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6 Responses to “Fabric Lovers will understand…..”

  1. Jodz Says:

    My heart is beating faster and I’m slightly drawling as I look at the picture 🙂

  2. heather morado Says:

    wow.. i love em all i want to be a wahm but dont know what to make but when i see fabric i have to stop and look 🙂

  3. Jill B Says:

    Well, I definitely understand. My heart palpatates when I open up a package of fat quarters and 1/2 yard cuts! Oh to have a whole bolt of fabric arrive, let alone multiple ones, would be overwhelming!

  4. Lynda Says:

    Do you prewash the whole bolt of fabric or just cut off what you need and prewash that?

  5. Stacy T Says:

    I cut what I need off and wash 😀

  6. jennifer cockerham Says:

    Getting new fabric is such an awesome feeling. Something that a lot of people do not understand. It is yummy fabric that you have there. I am green with envy.

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