Getting school things do you organize?

As summer winds down, we start organizing the things we do for homeschooling.  We are trying a new method called “Charlotte Mason” this year that incorporates multi level learning and lots of togetherness/reading.   Learning by seeing/doing instead of just reading/testing/writing.

The kids are super excited about this year and since my work schedule with Bottombumpers keeps me really busy right now, we went with a “curriculum” this year called “My Fathers World”.   We are already in love with this curriculum and we hope to fall even more in love with it as the days pass and we actually DO it, lol.    This year we will do Geography and study Countries and Cultures.  I really wanted to just jump right in with the Ancient History but they recommended we spend time getting to know the places/people we will study along the way.  

So while I try to figure out how I will work this year as we do 2 separate “plans” for different kids (older 2 are doing MFW together and the younger 6 year old is doing the Kindergarten MFW curriculum but will sit in) I have come across a million ways to organize my day, supplies, plans, books, etc.

So might I ask the giant world of homeschoolers out there.. do you do a “method” of organization like workboxes? Printed Lesson plans? Lapbooks? etc….    TEll me about it.. link me to your blogs, show me your schooling supply areas…   I wanna see!!!


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One Response to “Getting school things do you organize?”

  1. Marlini Ridlis Ismail Says:

    I have a few mini storage boxes which I mostly bought from Ikea & few toys containers which I convert as a pencil holders for the kids. It works wonder!
    I hope i have time to snap some pics of it.
    How about you Stacy?

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