Scraps.. Scraps… What to do with them all..

So, you have all these beautiful bags/drawers/totes full of the “leftovers”, do you recreate them into something??

Link me to a tutorial, project, ideas, etc. of things you have done, want to do, etc… that uses scraps!!     I will pick a project to try next and whoever posted the project will win a yard of free Michael Miller fabric!! 😀  Winner chosen on Saturday, October 2nd!  One entry/link per person please!


5 Responses to “Scraps.. Scraps… What to do with them all..”

  1. Gracie Mae Says:

    I’d love to do a spiderweb quilt–if only I could find the time to start! I think a pillow or something small with the spiderweb pattern would also be fun.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    This is the project my daughter and I are starting to work on. She wants a “landscape” quilt instead of just a wall hanging. We have done individual blocks of houses but she wants to go larger and do the scene on a quilt. Not in individual blocks.

  3. Amy Says:

    This is one I have been wanting to do with my kids:

  4. Katie Says:

    I love this tutorial from fabric goddess Anna Maria Horner that was on Martha. I’ve used scraps to do versions of this but instead of painting an animal on the canvas, I did sort of an ‘applique’ with different fabric scraps and made silhouettes of my dogs! I have them in my sewing room and LOVE them!

  5. Mickey H Says:

    Since I know you like to organize things, how about trim boxes?

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