Sewing Room Makeover

So a sewing room repaint has been in order since… well, since this dining room became a sewing room 🙂   I have had visions of repainting the walls to a lighter, brighter more inspiring color for awhile.  So I am jumping in!   I had dark wood beams along the ceiling walls and down the center of the room and had painted those a long time ago.  However, I never got around to rolling the main part of the ceiling.  So I rolled it tonight.  It needs one more coat and as much as I would like to call it “good enough”, I am doing it right this time.

So here is the before picture of the room in all its messy glory.  It is way messier then usual here so pardon the piles that arent usually there.

I am going to leave my trim/stairs all the brown wood. But will be painting the top and the bottom 2 separate colors. Here are the before pics (keep in mind it needs tidied, lol)

Here are the colors I picked out.  The top will be this pretty aqua green color called “Freshy Fresh” lol.  Bottom is “Paprika”.  The brown is just in the middle to show the contrast with the trim.

So feel free to follow along as I move onto a new brighter space.   I hope to replace the blue cabinet in the corner too and I would love to paint the embroidery cabinet and put some cool funky fabric in the front openings.


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3 Responses to “Sewing Room Makeover”

  1. Krista Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this! I’m in the midst of moving my craft space into our office so i can make it my craft / digital scrapbooking suite. I’m sure it won’t be nearly as pretty as your room though! I don’t have time to do a repaint just yet.

  2. Marlini Ridlis Ismail Says:

    Hey Stacy!
    This is awesome! I can see that you really put in much effort on this…
    Seriously, its something to boost me to tidy up my home-office!
    Thanks yah!

  3. LaJean Burns Says:

    Hi There! I really like your paprika color. Could you please tell me what brand of paint that is? Thanks so much!

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