Hey!! Its me Stacy. The stay at home/work at home mama/wife/seamstress.  Just wanted a place to blog my latest projects, pictures, thoughts, etc. 

I am the mother of FOUR great kids!  A son who is 9, daughter 8, son 4 and daughter that was born in April of 2008.  Cant leave out the dear husband that is just the greatest thing I could have ever prayed for!

 Have a great time reading!!


8 Responses to “About”

  1. shannon Says:

    I just read this post that you are expecting #4!! Wow! congratulations, that is very exciting news.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Hi Stacy, this is Jessica/SewKnitMama from SMs. Just read through your blog, after drooling over all your Baby Girl SNSs on the Runway. I have been knitting a lot more than sewing for the past few months, but have enjoyed your blog, and will definitely be back. 🙂


  3. bibomedia.com Says:


  4. Jeanine Says:

    Hi Stacy, It is me Jdubbs from LL. I LOVE all of the beautiful things you have made for your newest addition. I wish I had your talent to sew!! I just got out my sewing machine (of which I have not mastered) but I wanted to make my friend some swaddle socks. I have the cozy cocoon at home and was going to try to make one from looking at that, but I do better with a pattern. I can not find one any where. Do you have a pattern or did you create it on your own?? And also where do you buy most of your fabrics? They are beautiful!! I know you are so busy but if you ever have time if you could drop me a line that would be WONDERFUL!!

  5. Manjula P M Says:


    Can i have full details as i want sart business from home. I am house wife.


  6. Kathleen Boyles Says:

    You are quite talented! I have a patent on an access garment for infants and children with cancer. Would you be interested in manufacturing them? Thank you.

  7. Kristen Says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I’m in the process of making my newborn a Heather Baley Patchwork Quilt and came across yours – It’s wonderful. I was wondering if you have any advice on starting a home based sewing businesses. I’ve been toying with trying to start something so I can stay at home with my little girl and not have to return to the 9-5 office life. I’ve been sewing for family and friends for years and just love doing it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Your work is wonderful!
    Thanks, Kristen

  8. Jessica Says:

    Hi Stacy-great stuff! I have a few questions for you-if you could drop me a note, that’s be great! Thanks!

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