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Few things – New to me!!

January 4, 2011

Wow I really took a break for the holidays, huh?  Almost 2 months I was gone from here.   Suppose everything I had to say was already said enough I didnt feel like writing it down.

I had a good friend ask me to custom make a few things for some gifts and I wanted to share.   First is a coffee cup cozie thingy- ya know one of those things, lol.   I think it turned out really cute!

Next she asked me to make some “Sleeves” for an Ipod and Blackberry.   Here is what I came up with:

I do have to admit both projects gave me a run for my money for some reason- but if i did them again it would be a breeze I imagine!

Turning a womens shirt into a toddler dress..

June 3, 2010

I had been wanting to do this for awhile.  Love the result and so did my 2yo as she wont take it off, lol.  I didnt do a full blown tutorial with measurements and things on this as the size you need will vary and I simply cut around an existing dress we had and liked.  But I imagine that you can do something similar yourself with the few pics I have included to show you what I did 😉

Here is the shirt and dress I am using.  I first laid the dress on top and marked where I wanted to cut the bottom of the shirt off.  I will use the bottom hem later to do a ruffle on the bottom.  So i cut it about 5″ shorter then what i wanted to leave room for the ruffle. Then I matched the front neck line of the dress up with the front T-shirt neckline.  Tuck your sleeves in at the seams and trace about 1/2″ away from the outline of the dress.

Cut one half then fold over and match your lines the best you can:

Then do the back neckline, fold in the sleeves.

Then I matched the sleeve up on the finished edge, traced about 1/2″ away from the neckline, folded back the sleeve seam and traced it all out.  I then stacked the 2 sleeves on top of each other when I cut them so they would be identical.

The rest I didnt capture pics of but here is a run down of what I did :

  • turned the neckline edge of the sleeves under 1/4″ and zig zagged them both
  • Matched up the sleeves with the back pieces and serged, then serged the other side to the front side.  I went ahead and serged all the way to the end of the front/back pieces even though the sleeves are shorter on my dress.  I will show you this later.
  • Threaded all my serged threads back into the seams on the necline.
  • Then I sewed up the SIDES of the body of the dress.
  • Cut the bottom of the shirt that was leftover earlier into the ruffle.  I ruffled the edge and then serged it to the bottom of the dress matching up the side seams of the dress I made and the shirt.

Then I tucked under the leftover underarm edges like this and sewed them down:

I took 1/4″ elastic and placed it on the inside of the top of the sleeve and zig zagged it on to make the neck gather on the sleeve tops:

VIOLA, you are done 😀


Easiest Skirts ever…

May 28, 2010

Bubble Knit skirts have to be the easiest skirts ever to make.  Seriously cut and finished BOTH of these in about 40 minutes.   Cut a 18 x 6″ piece of cotton/lycra for her waist (which is 24.5″ measured) then cut full width x 30″ pieces for the bottom.  Sew both pieces into a tube.  Fold over BOTH pieces to match the raw edges together.  Then I ruffled the edge of the skirt.  Marked the waist “tube” and skirt bottom at halfway and pinned.  Then stretched and serged together the 2 “tubes”. 

Result was 2 play skirts finished!! 😀

Then I also finished these cloth diaper wetbags for Green Pixie Baby’s store.

Whew… it had been a long time since I had really made a point to sew something other then diapers and serge bibs for my Etsy store, lol.   It was fun!!

Giveaways #9 & 10-Easy as Pie Wallet

May 21, 2010

These were my prototype wallets for my Easy As Pie Wallet pattern

I have both the jean snap closure and the cream/brown print velcro closure available.  Just post which one you like the most.  And if you want to make your own, the pattern is SUPER easy and is available in my Etsy shop! 😀

Creativity is a churnin’

May 17, 2010

I just love it when I get some brilliant idea/project just POP into my head.   If I dont find paper/pen fast enough though I lose my thoughts.  So off I ran to find my notebook and write down measurements.   Now I am off to finish my current open project so I can make my new one ASAP, lol.

I think it will be a long night 😉

Boxers for my Own Boy!!

December 22, 2009

I get asked often if I sell the finished boxer briefs for Toddlers like the pattern that I sell at Etsy and You Can Make This.   Unfortunately, making the boxers is more time consuming then many other things I make so to really earn what you put into them, they arent cheap to sell.    I finally made a few new ones for my Ezra.  He loves his mama made boxers and chooses them first from his drawer but 3-4 pairs is just not enough.

I made him 3 more to roll and put into his stocking this year.  And made 2 pairs extra while I was at it to list on Etsy 😉

The above are E’s boxers and here are the ones I am listing on Etsy.  They are a size 4/5.

Oh and just for good measure, baby Bean is doing great.  Here are some pics from our 32 weeks 3D ultrasound my Sister in Law did for me!! 😀   Still a surprise and due early February! 😀

New pattern for an “Easy As Pie Wallet”

November 18, 2009

Hey all!  I sometimes get these hair brain ideas at the oddest of times.  Inspiration that comes from who knows where, lol.    So this wallet was born into a pattern in just a few days. 

So this pattern is really easy!   I am even going to say that a “beginner” could make this pattern.   There are not a lot of pattern pieces, just ONE!  Your iron will be your best friend.  Also, you finally get to use some of your “measuring” skills you learned in grade school 😉

The pattern will be available for purchase at You Can Make This as well in the near future hopefully.  But it is listed with all my other sewing patterns in my Etsy shop  right now!

Strechy Headbank Ebook is now on YCMT!

February 26, 2009

This pattern is finished and is now available on You Can Make This!

Stretchy Headband with Bow PDF Pattern Ebook

My baby is featured on there too, isnt she so cute!!  All my kids have deep deep brown eyes like their Daddy except Baby Girl.  She has blue eyes like her Mommy!!   😀 

Look what else is new!!  So cute.  Love the creative genius that gathers at YCMT! - Instant Download! 

Cute Knit Headband Ebook is DONE!

February 11, 2009

I have been working like a mad woman on diapers.. but found a brief moment to do up this eBook pattern for this headband with a bow!  Great use of your knit scraps! 

Stretchy Headband with Bow PDF Pattern Ebook

Isnt she cute?? Lol   That little girl is such a joy!  She is just the bestest baby.  But then again ALL my kids were great babies.  It wasnt until they reached 7 or 8 that they got difficult, lol.  I cant complain, I have really wonderful children! 

Enjoy the new Epattern!

New Pattern Released on You Can Make This!

February 9, 2009

Hey everyone!

My Boxer Brief Pattern has now been released on You Can Make This!!  These are too cute!!  They are my Boys’ favorite unders!

Toddler Knit Boxer Briefs Sewing Pattern PDF epattern - Instant Download!