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As promised…

January 2, 2010

I promised over a month ago to update when I finally finished the revamp of Baby girls room to be more neutral.  Here is the final wall “dots” all done.  I need to order the brown bumper and a new changing pad and cover soon.


I am also doing something funky to the closet door that is just to the left of the crib but it isnt done yet, so I will wait for a pic of the whole thing.   I am working on crocheting the baby a blanket that is browns/greens as well.   I think I am almost ready.  I am definately nesting but my body just cant do all the things my mind wants it to at 8 months pregnant, lol.


More sewing, sick of it yet? Have any Newborn pattern recommendations?

January 6, 2008

So I decided to give the Preemie romper in the 6/07 a try! I really loathe binding like the romper calls for but alas it was too cute/tiny to NOT try. I used size 50 as I have heard that fits REAL newborns even 8-9lbs AT birth unlike so many newborn things that are big. I used a heather pink french terry interlock and brown cotton interlock for the binding. Really easy pattern to cut/trace. THe romper is all one piece then you just cut the binding and leg cuff pieces. I already had it traced and was done with the romper in about 35 minutes first try!

I had to put my hand in this picture to show how tiny this romper is, SO CUTE! 

 And 2 more pairs of a vintage footed PJ pattern. Both VELOUR! 😀

So are you getting sick of my newborn GIRL/pink clothes sewing yet? lol. If anyone has a newborn/infant pattern they just LOVED please post a comment or email me and let me know!!