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Few things Ive been up to…

January 29, 2011
Doing another preorder on these bags if you are interested, you have until Sunday to order! ūüėĬ† Just click the picture to go to the site to order.
Embroidered some more baby hooded towels.  These are an order for a set of boy/girl twins- too cute!
There is more, but I am tired!! *Yawn* ūüėÄ

Thinking on what to do for baby quilt…

January 25, 2011

My sister-in-law is having her first baby in May and I want to make her a quilt.  Some reason I am envisioning my niece telling/showing her kids someday about this quilt her auntie made her.  So her colors are hot pink and lime.  Since the colors are so bold I am thinking of doing a quilt with alot of white with splashes of these colors in it.

Few ideas

Quilt by fellow Etsykids member Foiplus

Quilt by fellow Etsykids member Foiplus

Quilt by carolinapatchworks

Cant wait to get started.. i have until April for the shower…. SO FUN sewing for a baby again!

Onesie Revamp #1 – Faux Button Ruffle Placket

January 16, 2011

So I am wanting to sew you along through a few different things you can do to onesies to spice them up!   I have a few more ideas in mind that will come later- but here is number 1!  

A fake button ruffle placket. 

So gather the following and jump in with me:

  • onesie
  • small scrap of a fusible (soft preferrably)¬†interfacing to iron to the back of the area to stabilize the knit to sew the placket one
  • 18″ x 3″ strip of ruffle material
  • 6.5″ piece of extra wide bias trim *I used a patterned Michael Miller Cotton Bias Trim*
  • 3 buttons (and needle/thread)
  • iron

Step #1

After collecting all your supplies, mark the middle of your onesie.¬† I used¬†a watersoluble blue pen.¬† I marked the middle down 3″ from neckline then 1/2″ on both sides.¬† Then iron on the fusible featherweight interfacing on the back side of that area.

Also iron open your bias tape. so it is 1″ wide.

Step #2

Open up the folds on your bias tape and sew the 2 raw edges together then fold it all back up to make a loop out of your bias tape

Step #3

Take your 18″ x 3″ piece and fold it in half to make it 18 x 1.5″ with wrong sides together so the print shows on the outside.¬† Then IRON.¬†¬†

Then fold the ends right sides together and sew it closed and flip back with the right sides out:

Step #4

We are going to ruffle your strip.  I do this easily with setting my machine to its LONGEST STITCH LENGTH and HIGHEST TENSION SETTING *which is length 5.0 and tension9 on my machine*

Start right along the raw edges of the strip.  I put my finger behind the foot to help it gather like so:

Step #5

Then match the ends and raw edges together as pictured below and set your machine to a WIDE zig zag stitch.  *DONT FORGET TO TURN your tension setting back*

When I get to the end, I gather a little more and square the end slightly so it will lay flat when sewn onto the shirt

Step #6

Iron your bias trim and hide your seam on the back side of the “loop”.¬† Line the top up with the top of your ruffle you created and sew down the middle.¬† Gather the ruffle slightly more if you notice the ruffle is longer then your bias tape.

Step #7

Line up your ruffle placket with the markings on your onesie.  Sew along all edges of your bias trim. Then mark button placement and sew them on!! 

You are done!

Little Baby Preparing…

January 19, 2010

So, I have come to realize that while having a surprise baby is exciting it is also a tad harder to feel prepared for.   Most neutral stuff really lends more towards BOY and will work great for BOYS.   The browns, grays, yellows, greens are all more boyish.   So I am preparing the best I can.  I crocheted this blanket to match the room/decor, in brown, mossy green and cream.   Then I though well if it is a girl and she has to wear all those Neutral clothes, then the least I could do is crochet a few girly hats to put on her, right? LOL

I also started a blanket that was girly so I would have it as well.  Ran out of yarn awhile ago and not going to the store until Friday.   Must find something to keep my fingers busy while I rest on the couch with the heating pad every now and then!!

Baby girl’s room spruce up.

November 16, 2009

So it seems like just yesterday this blog was all the buzz over “baby girl” who is now 19 months old already!!¬† Well, I am 27 weeks pregnant and due with our 5th baby, but our first SURPRISE!!¬† I wanted to keep things simple and not “redo” everything so I was going to keep the room the neutral green and just redo the bumper pads and skirt.¬†¬† Well Baby Girl had these little cheap sticky “reusable’ decals next to her changing pad that she loved to look at and play with while she was getting her diaper/clothes changed.¬†¬† She has since started peeling them off and with them came some of the paint that I just happen to NOT have anymore of!!¬†

So with this dilemna came this idea.¬† Dots/Circles (or “balls” as baby girl calls them…) in different shades of brown all over the 2 walls around the crib/dresser.¬† So I went to the store and got 2 shades of brown, knowing I already had a light tan, and some foam brushes.¬† Found some circle shaped objects (used tupperware lids, small cups and a few plates) and traced them all over the wall with pencil.¬† Then I went back and put L, M and D in them to represent whether to do Light, Medium or Dark Brown in that circle.¬†¬† Started on one color and day.¬† This is day ONE:

As of today, all the circles are filled with ONE coat of their brown.  It was a great way to take 30-40 minutes for a week or so and finish a project instead of trying to move all her furniture out, work around her nap times and try to keep her out of there while coats of paint dried, etc.

I will update in a few days with a new pic, but today I need help finding a mostly cream with brown accents neutral fabric to do the bumpers and skirt in.   I want to forego green I think as I have a green crib sheet that matches the walls and the green is abundant already.  So some stripes, or cream with brown dots, etc.  would be great!!  Love to see some links of fabrics!

And just for kicks here is my expanding belly at 27 weeks!! 

Just a cute baby with a side of headband ;)

February 4, 2009

This is my “Baby Girl” that I sewed so much for last year at this time.¬†¬† All the clothing I made her ahead of time is not outgrown and the only thing that remains is her nursery.¬†¬† I sewed this headband for her the other day and took a picture and thought WOW, how did she get so big already??!?!¬† She turned 10 months on Monday! Crazy!!!

10 months ago:


Knit Bow Headband by you.

She currenty has Bronchiolitis.¬† Poor baby keeps hacking up a lung and blowing snot out her nose!¬† Ick…¬†

I am still really busy sewing diapers, but just wanted to show one very small accomplishment since I last posted!  Here are my new diaper labels though!! Arent they fabulous?!?! 

Our New Bottombumpers Label! by you.

Ok off for now.. Gotta get to bed!

My personal “Sewing Challenge”

January 5, 2009

I am one of those “easier the better” and “the less pieces to trace/cut the better” seamstresses.

So I wanted to challenge myself in my “time off” from diaper sewing to do something more complicated, with more then 2 pattern pieces, and something I wouldnt skimp on the details.

This is the Ottobre 3/04 #11 “Jacket” *wow what a simple name for this project, lol*

Made with Pink Fleece and trimmed with tiny pink/green floral knit. Buttoned up with cute white flower buttons! This pattern even has a COLLAR, POCKETS and BINDING which I DID!!!! WOW I have impressed myself, lol.

Collar detail!

Pocket Detail:

Thanks for looking!

And a tiny “NO TV update” We made it through the day with out one beg for the TV.¬† Today we:

  • Played Candyland TWICE! *we have owned the game for 5 plus¬†years, played it maybe once*
  • ¬†Taught the kids how to play RUMMY! *to be continued tomorrow night as we ran out of time to reach 500 points before bed time*
  • Started Homeschooling back up and this took every bit of our morning.
  • The kids put away their own clothes, emptied and loaded the dishwasher
  • And they each received approx 30 minutes of Computer time.¬†
  • The rest of the time they played Legos, dug in the sandbox *for a short 15 minutes as it was COLD today*, setup a farm in the living room with the new grain bins/building/tractor set.¬† And several other things!

We had a blast today!

My 2nd (much better) Peanut Pocket Pal doll.

December 17, 2008

Well I revised this little baby and made her up again last night. She is for my daughter, Kayci, for Christmas.

I need to just make one more pattern adjustment and she will be done I think! ¬† I hope you like her!¬† I machine stitched her facial features…¬† I will probably handstitch/embroider them next time.

Quick Ribbon Ring Teether Toy Tutorial

August 20, 2008

OK, I promised some of you I would get this wrote up, so here it is! 






Materials Needed:

  • 6 pieces of cotton woven fabric cut 2 x 3.5″
  • 3 pieces of fusible fleece interfacting cut 2 x 3.5″
  • 6 ribbons cut to 2.5 to 3 inches long
  • 2.5 to 3″ Unfinished wood ring
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine

Step #1

Cut all pieces above. Iron Fusible Fleece to WRONG SIDE of 3 pieces of your cotton woven material.

Step #2

Sew 2 piece together RIGHT SIDES together using¬†no more than a¬†1/4″ Seam allowance.¬† Start on the long side just 1/2″ from edge.¬† Be sure to go back and forth when you start to secure stitches.¬† Continue around and add a FOLDED piece of ribbon to each SHORT edge by folding and tucking it between the layers as shown in the picture.¬† I pinned them to stay in place but I actually tuck them in the ends as I sew along.¬†¬† Stop sewing about 1/2″ from the edge on the long side you started on leaving a 1.5-2″ hole.¬†

Step #3

Trim the corners as shown and turn your pieces right side out through the hole you left on the long side.¬† Push corners out with a sharp object.¬† A pen or end of a pair of scissors works nicely.¬† Be sure not to poke through the fabric.¬†¬† Turn the raw edges in along the hole you left.¬† Sew around the whole piece¬† 1/8th” from edge.



Step # 5

I use a zipper foot and put my needle in the farthest left position.  Wrap your piece around the ring and match the edges.  Stitch along the edge of the wood ring as close as  you can.  Make sure to go back and forth to secure stitches when you start and finish.   Trim ends.  Repeat steps 2-5 for each piece!

Step #6

GIve to the baby of your choice and admire your work ūüėČ




If you have any questions, just let me know!! ūüėÄ


July 21, 2008

So I am constant volunteer. A blessing and a curse I suppose.¬† But I repeatedly daily find myself overstretch.¬† Feeling as though I have too many “irons in the fire”, not enough hours in my days and “a Jack of all trades but a master of none”.¬†

The Switch it UP bag is finally in the testing stage.  The PDF has been sent and the testers are working *some already done* on sewing this up and providing some feedback on everything.  Had some great suggestions along the way, including making it bigger *or offering it in 2 sizes in one pattern*, having different choices for the handle ends such as pointed, squared, etc., including instructions on how to make the handles longer so you can sling the bag easier, etc. etc.

Hopefully I will be read to sell the pattern in my Apple Tree Store and Patchy Apple Etsy shop soon.  Beginning of August is my goal!

So what else is occupying my time you ask? My Bottombumpers website is being redesigned and I have a million about 6 pages to write/create to go into the new design.  The designer is waiting on ME to finish them.   I am working on drafting a womens hipster undies pattern for sale.   Sewing more diapers, as always, for wholesale orders..  and much more!

Some other random pictures!¬† Sorry for the long absence! ūüėÄ