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Thinking on what to do for baby quilt…

January 25, 2011

My sister-in-law is having her first baby in May and I want to make her a quilt.  Some reason I am envisioning my niece telling/showing her kids someday about this quilt her auntie made her.  So her colors are hot pink and lime.  Since the colors are so bold I am thinking of doing a quilt with alot of white with splashes of these colors in it.

Few ideas

Quilt by fellow Etsykids member Foiplus

Quilt by fellow Etsykids member Foiplus

Quilt by carolinapatchworks

Cant wait to get started.. i have until April for the shower…. SO FUN sewing for a baby again!


Found an Etsy team…

October 13, 2010

I am so excited to finally join an Etsy Team, Etsykids!

You can see some of the great items here:  EtsyKids Etsy Items

Bridget and Co Snowman Ruffle Bottoms

Cute Ruffle Bottom Pants

Rattle - Walnut with Ash accents

Wooden Baby Rattles

Pink Argyle Backpack for dolls

Doll Miniature Backpack

OK- I will stop now as I am sure I have lost your attention with the link to a million great handmade childrens items on Etsy by the Etsykids Team!! 😀

New labels…

June 11, 2010

I was making paper labels for my Apple Tree Boutique stuff for TOO long.  I finally found this store on Etsy that sold them fairly cheap so I thought  I would give them a try.   Granted they are not AS soft as the ones we get for Bottombumpers that cost 10 times more, but they are pretty nice!

Doesnt that just make this bib look “Finished”..  I love them!!!

Photo shoot fun!

May 26, 2010

I just added these cute crocheted flower hair clips to my Etsy store  and needed some pics.   I had so much fun with Baby girl getting these pics.  Isnt she just adorable? 🙂

This is her “Cheese” face!

Checking out the newly planted flowers that need mulch

My favorite… my cup runneth over.

One of the baby boy for another Etsy listing for personalized burp cloths:

Cute Knit Headband Ebook is DONE!

February 11, 2009

I have been working like a mad woman on diapers.. but found a brief moment to do up this eBook pattern for this headband with a bow!  Great use of your knit scraps! 

Stretchy Headband with Bow PDF Pattern Ebook

Isnt she cute?? Lol   That little girl is such a joy!  She is just the bestest baby.  But then again ALL my kids were great babies.  It wasnt until they reached 7 or 8 that they got difficult, lol.  I cant complain, I have really wonderful children! 

Enjoy the new Epattern!

Park Slope Boxy Zipper Bags…

January 2, 2009

In my quest to do all FUN stuff for my Etsy shop until I get another diaper order, I am making a list!  Things I wanna sew and man is it fun!  I had forgotten just how fun sewing can be when you are sewing something YOU want to do instead of something you HAVE to do.   This new year I also plan to add at least on FREE Tutorial on my blog each MONTH!!  😀

These were so fun! I can see LOTS and LOTS of these in my future!

Lined with Heavy Hemp Canvas for structure. Park Slope prints on the outside!


They are listed in my Etsy shop.   As well as many other things.  But I dont want to turn this blog into just a place to spam my stuff.   I love to hear your inspirations, see links of what is on your to-do list, fun things you cant wait to make… 😀  Maybe something you want a tutorial for!

Also, Created an Etsy Treasury!! So fun!

Bunch of Wristlet Zipper Pouches

January 2, 2009
i just finished these today! 7 total, 5 medium sized and 2 small.

Detachable strap with swivel clip and D-ring on the side of the wristlet. Listed them on my Etsy store!! 😀

Peanut Pocket Pal Doll Released *SPECIAL through New Years*

December 30, 2008

I just put the finishing touches on the PDF pattern and instructions for the Peanut Pocket Pal & Baby *say that 5 times real fast, lol*!

It will be regularly $6. Through New Years Day at NOON CST, you can pay for the pattern and receive it for $5!!   Purchase through my Etsy store!  If they are sold out convo or comment and I will get one restocked!

Adding items to Etsy store slowly

December 14, 2008

Well craft fair season has come to an end for this year.  Which always leaves me with stock I will put in my ATB store and SOMETIMES someone stumbles across it and buys something, lol.

So I decided to try to list it on Etsy instead and see how it fairs.   So far doodle bags and chalk mats listed.  I have more of each, just havent edited photos and put them up yet!

Buy Handmade

Open House & Craft Fair sewing!

December 6, 2008

Always sewing something up last minute! LOL   I have an open house here in my house/shop tomorrow *well actually today* Come stop by if you are in southeastern Illinois near Albion!

Here are a few things I finished:

5 Hooded towels

16 chalkmats:

Not pictured are 26 bibs!!