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Few things Ive been up to…

January 29, 2011
Doing another preorder on these bags if you are interested, you have until Sunday to order! 😀  Just click the picture to go to the site to order.
Embroidered some more baby hooded towels.  These are an order for a set of boy/girl twins- too cute!
There is more, but I am tired!! *Yawn* 😀

Quickie “How To” Hooded Towels.

February 8, 2008

I dont have pictures of the pieces/process… but this is pretty simple.  If you want a full tutorial with pictures, let me know! 😀 

Here is what I made:


Materials needed:

  • 1 yard Double sided 100% cotton Terry Cloth like this  *PREWASH THIS*
  • 5 yards of Double Folded bias tape.  I made my own 1″.  I suggest WIDE like “quilt binding” bias tape if you are going to purchase it!
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Mat *handy but not necessary*

First thing is first:

  1. Cut a 30x 30″ square from the terry cloth
  2. Then cut a 12″ x 12″ square and cut it diagonally to make a TRIANGLE for the hood.  I make 2 towels at a time so I use the other triangle for the other towel 😀
  3. Apply Bias  Tape to the long straight edge of the triangle first.   Trim the ends to be even with the short edges of the triangle. 
  4. Sit this on one corner of your towel and pin each bias tape end to the edge and the corner.
  5. Then start applying the bias tape to the single layer square of terry cloth at the corner BEFORE your “hood”
  6. Continue around the towel, removing the pins on the hood as you include the edges of the triangle.
  7. I miter my bias tape corners by straight stitching all the way to the edge, then trimming the threads and folding my bias tape down the opposite edge and mitering the corner. THen I sew starting at the new corner of the bias tape making sure to catch the top and bottom of the new fold.  Then stop and continue sewing down the next side..
  8. I finish by trimming my bias tape about 1″ overlapping the start of the bias tape and then folding over twice.. Then I stitch across the edge and then turn and stitch out toward the edge to sew the fold of the bias tape down.